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Offline Programming

Kawasaki Robotics automatic robot teaching software KCONG  creates robotic operation programs in a short amount of time.

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Offline Programming Software Technology

Programming robotic software requires skill and knowledge, which is why teaching operation programs for industrial robots is such an integral part of the integration process. The teaching has to cover everything, from programming the robot for movement, to using the controller for sequential memorisation of the position of the robot. To complete the program, repeat verification is performed by playing back the program on the robot and making the necessary adjustments.

Offline programming offers a way around the previously laborious task. CAD models of both the robotic system and the environment allow for the programs to be planned, developed and tested through simulation before they are uploaded into the robot for real-world application.

This reduces the need for programming within the workshop and slashes the time and resources business owners and operators need to dedicate to robot teaching, both of which have a significant bearing on production costs.

Kawasaki Robotics has developed automatic robot teaching software—KCONG—which creates robotic operation programs in a short amount of time while eliminating the need for conventional teaching methods. Using 3D CAD data of work-pieces, verification and adjustments are made simple through the software’s simulation capabilities. This means that the use of fully automated systems is possible for small production runs, immediately improving efficiency and productivity. The beauty of KCONG is that it allows engineers with no expertise in robotics to easily program and use robot systems, and promote the use of robotics from a non-specialist standpoint.

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