Manual and automatic open mouth bag filling machines

For use across open-mouthed variety bags

Open mouth bagging machines are designed for automatically bagging free-flowing materials into open-mouth bags for applications between 5kg to 50 kg per bag. The systems are ideal for bagging most dry products such as pet food, fertiliser, sugar, grain, rice, chemicals and minerals.

Our extensive range of open mouth bagging machines can bag all types of products. From simple gross weight bagging machines to the highly accurate and automated net weight bagging machines, we have a solution for you.

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Open mouth bagging machine models

Gross Weigher Filling Machine Transparent

GB55 open mouth bagger


Manual open mouth bagging machine

Our proven range of gross weigher bagging machines are suitable for bagging most types of products including dry, granular, lumpy, crushed, or powdered products into bags up to 50kg. Gravity, screw, vibratory or conveyor fed, the GB55 is based on digital weighing technology and pneumatic control. Over many installations, the design has proven to be both reliable and accurate.

The GB55 utilises the well-proven “weigh-in-bag” method that has been perfected over many decades. The bag spout is fully suspended on precision loadcells and the dedicated weight contoller ensures that accuracy is achieved using automatic free fall compensation and two stage fill. On-screen reporting of bag count and total weight packed is useful information for Production and Quality Managers.

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GB55 features

PURA open mouth bagger


PURA Series

Semi-automatic open mouth bagging machine

Ideal for net weighing applications containing finished bags between 10 and 50kg, the PURA series semi-automatic open mouth bagging machines are highly sophisticated end-of-line systems that can be customised to fit your specific operational requirements.

Our specialists will work with you to determine the perfect open mouth bagging machine line for your specific operations. From commissioning, to installation, and all the way to ongoing service and support – our team of experts are here for you.

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PURA series features

FUTURA open mouth bagger