OCS SC-E X-Ray Machine

High-tech X-ray scanner for professional detection of contaminants.

The SC-E is the perfect entry to the world of ultra-modern X-ray inspection systems and the associated high quality product line of WIPOTEC-OCS.

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Designed and developed to meet the most stringent requirements of foreign body contaminant detection, with an optional comprehensive software package, the SC-E scanner is an outstanding ‘all-rounder’ x-ray that reliably performs count, completeness, and fill-level control checks. The SC-E product series is more than a good investment for all users who are looking for highly professional foreign body detection. It represents a well-engineered, technical and economical solution at a highly competitive price.

Compact in their construction, the machines are very easy to integrate in any existing production line. All of the X-ray scanners from WIPOTEC-OCS, have the same familiar and convenient user interface found in the checkweigher line. The system is controlled from a 15“ colour TFT display with touchscreen panel that always shows the current X-ray image.

Designed for protection class IP65 with full stainless steel construction, the system features a balcony design and sloped surfaces that, together with the C-shaped product area, enable thorough cleaning quickly and easily. All scanners meet the most stringent standards of hygiene.

Key features include:

  • Diode Array Detector with 0.4 mm resolution
  • Comprehensive software package (optional)
  • Numerous sorting systems (optional)
  • For all primary and secondary packaging up to medium size

Our customers also benefit from the first-class service and specialist skills provided by Diverseco’s team of experts. Whether you need general advice, or specific product support, Diverseco can deliver:

  • Expert installation and optimisation of your equipment, tailored to you needs, for commissioning and start-up that is as stress-free as possible
  • Initial calibration, exchange, and overhaul of calibrated parts, which helps to create the perfect modularity for your application
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimisation to increase the lifespan of your equipment
  • Repairs completed quickly with original parts to minimise downtime and prevent production line slowdown
  • Regular calibration adjustments to help ensure you continue to meet your production demands
  • In-depth employee training to help you improve efficiencies and enable your team to make equipment adjustments in-house
OCS SC-E X-Ray Machine