OCS SC-6000 X-Ray Machine

The globally successful SC product line meets the highest standards of modern quality management. Nothing is left to chance in terms of process safety and hygienic design.

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OCS SC-6000 X-ray Machine

The WIPOTEC-OCS SC-6000 has a high performance camera detector equipped with HD-TDI technology ensures high resolution and sharp X-ray images, while providing the optimal basis for the image processing software developed at WIPOTEC-OCS. The minimal faulty rejection rate combines with the maximal detection accuracy to provide the greatest possible safety.

The core of the scanner is its sensor. A highly sensitive HD-TDI camera detector in conjunction with the metal ceramic tube generates an X-ray image marked by an extremely high resolution. Each model is equipped with a comprehensive software package. The scope of performance of this network-enabled scanner includes foreign body detection, quantity, shape, completeness, and fill level control. The scanning process is continuously documented and is available for single and multi-track systems.

Designed for protection class IP65 with full stainless steel construction, the system features a balcony design and sloped surfaces that, together with the C-shaped product area, enable thorough cleaning quickly and easily. All scanners meet the most stringent standards of hygiene.

Key features include:

  • C-shaped product chamber
  • Flexible component design
  • Compact design
  • Integrated conveyor systems
  • Balcony design
  • High performance camera detector with
  • HD-TDI technology

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