Throughput of 250/min


Compact design for easy integration

IP69K rating


Solid and hygienic stainless steel construction


  • IFS compatible product monitoring
  • HACCP/LMHV/FDA conform design
  • Maintenance free, stainless steel encapsulated servo drives
  • Weigh cell in stainless steel
  • Open under frame
  • Rated for wash down environments to IP69K

With excellent precision and speed, this WIPOTEC-OCS checkweigher was specifically developed for intensive and frequently recurrent cleaning cycles.

With its sophisticated performance characteristics, the HC-M-WD complies with the strict hygiene requirements used in the food industry, ideal for high speed check weighing. Rounded surfaces and defined draining edges together with an open design for optimal cleanliness evaluation speak for themselves. The optional cleaning program facilitates safe and thorough cleaning while the checkweighing machine is running including automatic logging in the machine’s electronic logbook.

This product is a reliable checkweigher for the highest speeds, offering 100% production monitoring according to net content and rejection of products with weight shortages at high selectivity.