WIPOTEC OCS HC A Checkweigher

Very high throughput of 650 pcs/min


Multi-lane flexibility available

Exact fill results for higher productivity


Easy integration into existing lines

A major benefit of choosing the WIPOTEC-OCS  HC-A checkweigher is that it offers individually engineered solutions for varying product sizes and shapes to be accounted for. The integrated WIPOTEC-OCS high-tech weigh cell fitted to the high-end checkweigher works according to the revolutionary principle of electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR). EMFR weigh cells are unparalleled in terms of reliability, precision and repeatability, and help to avoid over-fills.

A sophisticated and wide spectrum of sorting devices (pusher, air blast, flap conveyor, sorting device, etc.) are available to reject products with incorrect weight reliability and without disturbing production throughput.

Based on the controller of the HC-A series, this WIPOTEC-OCS checkweigher provides parallel multi-track checkweighing systems for multi-line applications. Multi-track systems offer significant space-saving, price and speed advantages, and can also be integrated into existing production lines.

The elaborate filling head observation of the HC-A series permits filling heads to be conveniently regulated either individually or as a group to reduce overfilling.