Stealth Metal Detector

Fortress Stealth Metal Detectors act as an effective critical control point for complying with stringent HACCP regulations.

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Renowned for their superior accuracy and reliability, Stealth Metal Detectors act as essential Critical Control Points in HACCP systems, effectively identifying and rejecting potential contamination.

Stealth Metal Detectors use powerful Digital Signal Processing technology and have high sensitivity levels to ensure the detection of the smallest ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel contaminants. Custom manufactured to suit any application, Stealth detectors are available in either stainless steel or aluminum construction. Built in data collection and Contact Reporter Software make them a critical control point in preventing product contamination.

Custom Conveyor Systems can be manufactured to the specifications of any application, easily integrated into existing production lines. Built from Stainless Steel, the rugged conveyors withstand harsh conditions and washdown environments while maintaining the reliability of a high-performing system, as shown below.

Each custom conveyor is available with a unique reject device such as a drop nose, retract, bidirectional sweep, flap gate or diverter that is tailored to the machine.

Discover more about Fortress Metal Detector designs for specific applications, which include bakery, meats, dairy, prepared meals, packaged products, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, confectionery, fresh foods, frozen foods and powders/grains.