Vent Tube

The Fortress Vent Tube metal detector is utilised in bottling applications to detect and track a fallen vent tube nozzle.

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The system easily integrates into existing bottle-processing lines, retrofitting where a conventional detector cannot be installed.

The product under test is conveyed through the existing conveyor system which travels through the sensing area of the detector head. The Vent Tube detector is capable of detecting and rejecting ferrous, non-ferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel in filled plastic or glass bottles of up to 3 litres.

Constructed with a fully stainless steel case enclosed for wash-down purposes, the Vent Tube detector is built rugged to handle the most stringent applications.

Typical applications include glass bottles, plastic (PET) bottles.

All Fortress metal detection systems are available in two models:

  1. The Phantom is the standard metal detection system.
  2. The Stealth is the same metal detection system but fitted with a different keypad interface with integrated HACCP reporting capabilities, and including a USB port.