Pipeline Metal Detector

The Fortress Pipeline metal detector is ideally suited for inline inspection of pumped liquids and pastes that are transported through a pipe.

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The Fortress Pipeline Metal Detector are built rugged to withstand the harshest production environments with IP69K-certified stainless steel construction.

Several material options are available for the non-metallic pipe including nylon, rubber, and Teflon for the more demanding high temperature / pressure applications.

An automatic reject valve can be incorporated into the system to remove contaminated product from the flow. Additionally, a test ball insertion / retrieval kit is offered as an option, allowing for ease of manual testing.

Typical applications include soups, sauces, pastes, chocolate, jams, sausage meats, juices.

All Fortress metal detection systems are available in two models:

  1. The Phantom is the standard metal detection system.
  2. The Stealth is the same metal detection system but fitted with a different keypad interface with integrated HACCP reporting capabilities, and including a USB port.
Fortress Stealth Pipeline Food Metal Detector