With its current GMP design and construction suited for FDA compliance, the Fortress Pharmaceutical metal detector meets the demanding quality standards and regulations required by the pharmaceutical industry.


It detects the tiniest of metal contaminants in high speed product lines with a throughput of 30,000 tablets per minute. Fortress offers a range of detectors including the Phantom and Stealth metal detection systems.

The strong and compact mirrored stainless steel casing makes the system able to withstand harsh cleaning applications. To prevent any cross contamination, all contact parts are removable without tools.The Pharmaceutical detector can integrate with any tablet press using a convenient electric powered height adjustment and manual head tilt settings. A side diverter reject system is included.

Typical applications include tablets and capsules.

All Fortress metal detection systems are available in two models:

  1. The Phantom is the standard metal detection system.
  2. The Stealth is the same metal detection system but fitted with a different keypad interface with integrated HACCP reporting capabilities, and including a USB port.
Pharmaceutical Metal Detector