Metal Detector Applications

Diverseco caters for specialty metal detection applications for bottling lines, pharmaceuticals and rejected products.

Metal Detector Applications2019-06-26T20:07:27+09:30

Specialty metal detection applications available from Diverseco include:

Gravity Metal Detector

Fortress Stealth Gravity Food Metal Detector

The Fortress gravity metal detector is ideal for inline inspection of dry, powder or granular products that can be gravity fed through a pipe.

Laboratory Metal Detector

Fortress Laboratory Food Metal Detector

Typically sold with a gravity or large bag detector, this laboratory metal detector is used to filter out metal contaminants from rejected bulk produc…

Large Bag Metal Detector

AccuPak Fortress Large Bags Food Metal Detector

Fortress’ metal detector for large bag applications, popularly known as the ‘Big Bag King’,  provides unrivalled metal detection pe…


Fortress Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

With its current GMP design and construction suited for FDA compliance, the Fortress Pharmaceutical metal detector meets the demanding quality standar…

Pipeline Metal Detector

Fortress Stealth Pipeline Food Metal Detector

The Fortress Pipeline metal detector is ideally suited for inline inspection of pumped liquids and pastes that are transported through a pipe.

Vent Tube

Fortress Vent Tube Metal Detector

The Fortress Vent Tube metal detector is utilised in bottling applications to detect and track a fallen vent tube nozzle.


Fortress Vertex Metal Detector

Ideal for inline processing applications where space is limited, the ultra-slim Vertex detects metal contaminants in free-falling product prior to fin…


AccuPak Fortress Multi-Lane Metal Detector

Products on the four lane multi-aperture metal detector travel through a single search head with four apertures.