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The team at Diverseco has the knowledge and experience to engineer software specifically for product inspection processes, including interfacing to a range of product inspection equipment. We have proven experience with an extensive library of standard off-the-shelf product inspection software packages, but can also provide custom product inspection software packages for any site.


  • All packaging lines
  • Food process lines
  • High-speed checkweighing

Features include

  • Up to 80 pieces per minute
  • Up to 2000 products
  • Up to 10 defaults
  • Histograms and live graphs
  • Touch screen integration
  • Photo eye input
  • Communication by:
    • TCP/IP
    • RS-232
    • TTL
  • Reports by:
      • Rejected item
      • Under weight
      • Over weight
      • Accept
      • Date
      • Product
  • Digital Output:
    • Under
    • Over
    • Auxiliary
    • Metal