Highly precise, ultra-fast checkweigher solutions


The WIPOTEC-OCS HC-M checkweigher, with a specification set between our EC-E and HC-A models, is ideally suited for demanding and mid-range checkweighing applications.

OCS HC-M2019-09-27T12:48:37+09:30

High throughput rate of 250/min


100% product check

Exact fill results for higher productivity


Easy integration into existing lines

The operator interface is consistent across the range, user friendly and menu driven via a large 10.4” TFT display.

Ideal for checking current nominal product weights, the WIPOTEC-OCS HC-M automatic checkweigher can also perform a completeness check of a package or even classify products into different weight zones. The robust stainless steel frame of WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers ensures higher weighing accuracies at both medium and higher conveyor speeds. The integrated Wipotec high-tech weigh cell, which works according to the principle of electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR), is revolutionary.