Highly precise, ultra-fast checkweigher solutions


The OCS HC-M checkweigher, with a specification set between our EC-E and HC-A models, is ideally suited for demanding and mid-range checkweighing applications.

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The operator interface is consistent across the range, user friendly and menu driven via a large 10.4” TFT display.

Ideal for checking current nominal product weights, the OCS HC-M automatic checkweigher can also perform a completeness check of a package or even classify products into different weight zones. The robust stainless steel frame of OCS checkweighers ensures higher weighing accuracies at both medium and higher conveyor speeds. The integrated Wipotec high-tech weigh cell, which works according to the principle of electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR), is revolutionary.

Other important features of OCS checkwieghers:

  • Reliable checkweigher for the highest speeds: 100% production monitoring according to net content, rejection of products with weight shortages at high selectivity
  • Robust stainless steel base frame with high mass weight, infeed, weighing and outfeed conveyors and air blast reject unit
  • Maintenance-free drive unit fitted to all OCS checkweighers
  • Certified for trade checkweighing applications
  • Weigh cell with EMFR technology
  • Various checkweighing ranges
  • Various weighing ranges for classing
  • Comprehensive menu driven operation by the 10.4″ colour TFT display with touch screen
  • Comprehensive service diagnostics function
  • Selectable language
  • Large weight display available
  • Online help function
  • Memory for 200 product parameters
  • Four password-protected user levels
  • Various working height ranges
  • Tool-less belt change
  • Output maximum 600 pieces/min
  • Spot check function with single rejection
  • Flexible integration into existing production line
  • Line synchronisation with potential-free O-signals (input automatic, output bringer release, output error)
  • Various conveyor lengths available
  • Comprehensive statistic functions / histograms