Our range of WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers reduce product and profit loss, eliminate costly product recalls, and provide transparency and consistency in product delivery that encourages customer loyalty.



Diverseco is the Authorised Systems Integrator and Authorised Partner for WIPOTEC-OCS in Australasia. WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers provide pinpoint accuracy at top speeds, allowing for high throughputs and increasing line efficiency — which improves your productivity and profits.

Checkweighers prevent inconsistencies in product weight by automatically rejecting underweight items and protecting against giveaway of overweight product. You can also send signals to the filling quantity regulator to change the product flow and prevent further under or overfilling and ensure that further products are in line with weight requirements.

Our state-of-the-art product inspection software can be configured to meet the exact requirements of your production line, such as linking your checkweigher to other inspection devices, metal detectors and X-ray scanners, and allowing you to create a comprehensive and dynamic automated quality assurance system.


WIPOTEC-OCS cutting-edge checkweighers are designed to prevent both overfilling and underfilling, which protects your brand, reduces product giveaway, and reduces extraneous costs and overheads. WIPOTEC-OCS accommodate the widest range of applications:

WIPOTEC OCS EC-E Essential Checkweigher

OCS E Series: Designed for simple applications, the E series offers ideal price-performance ratio with throughputs of 150 pcs/min—its simple and exact operation makes it an easy choice.

WIPOTEC OCS HC M Checkweigher

OCS M Series: Perfect for midrange applications and offering high performance with throughputs up to 250 pcs/min, the M series can be configured to suit any application, and can meet the most rigorous conformity criteria.

WIPOTEC OCS HC A Checkweigher

OCS A Series: This high-end system handles the broadest range of applications. It can work at a throughput of 650 pcs/min and can be integrated into any area of your product line to provide you with maximum benefit. There are basically no limits to your customisation and modularity options with the A series and the possibilities for application are enormous.

Features and Benefits

Designed to increase productivity and improve output quality, WIPOTEC-OCS offer:


Pinpoint accuracy at top speeds (up to 650 pcs/min), permitting extremely high throughputs and increasing line efficiency to improve your productivity, performance, and profits.


Active Vibration Compensation: The unique active vibration compensation (AVC) solution from WIPOTEC-OCS effectively prevents vibrations from falsifying results. AVC, through intelligent algorithms, achieves the most precise weighing results, ensuring the desired weighing accuracy even in environments where weighing technology has to be set up on vibrating floors. AVC filters out environment-induced interferences from measuring results without any loss in speed.


Modularity for tailor-made applications means you can customise the machine to suit the needs of your production to give you a competitive advantage.


GMP conformity and the hygienic design of the checkweigher makes it perfect for the food industry’s hygiene-sensitive applications.


Single, dual, triple, and quadruple track systems to suit myriad applications.


Simple set-up: pre-tested and configured prior to commissioning.

Our customers also benefit from the first-class service and specialist skills provided by Diverseco’s team of experts. Whether you need general advice, or specific product support, Diverseco delivers:

  • Expert installation and optimisation of your equipment, tailored to you needs, for commissioning and start-up that is as stress-free as possible
  • Initial calibration, exchange, and overhaul of calibrated parts, which helps to create the perfect modularity for your application
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimisation to increase the lifespan of your equipment
  • Repairs completed quickly with original parts to minimise downtime and prevent production line slowdown
  • Regular calibration adjustments to help ensure you continue to meet your production demands
  • In-depth employee training to help you improve efficiencies and enable your team to make equipment adjustments in-house

For more information on our product inspection equipment, get in touch today.


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