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Robot Palletisers

Diverseco is a premier Australian agent for a suite of high-quality robot palletisers.

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Palletising processes involve the demanding application of stacking boxes, bags, cases, bottles, and cartons onto pallets and is the final step as the last stage in the assembly line before being palletised product (freight) is loaded onto transport vehicles for shipping.

Robot palletisers alleviate the need for manual stacking of bags, cartons or drums onto a pallet and are also used for increasing end-of-line productivity, safety, pallet stability and reducing costs.

Diverseco’s sister company Robot Technologies-Systems Australia is an Authorised Systems Integrator of Kawasaki Robotics and is able to provide solutions to the three key challenges involved in automating palletising processes, namely: pallet pattern flexibility, tooling flexibility, and cycle time.

Kawasaki palletising robots are specifically designed for high-speed, heavy payload, and long-reach palletising applications, and have a range of flexible software options that enable operators to rapidly generate pallet patterns and monitor the status of the palletising system.

The robots we integrate into your palletising system have payload capacities that range from 80kg to 700kg to suit most needs, and can perform cycles of such as fast as 2,050 cycles per hour with loads of 130 kg.

Consequently, Diverseco can provide your company a solution to give your production line the palletising flexibility, work range, reliability and throughput rates required to compete in the marketplace.

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