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Increase the speed, efficiency and safety of your palletising system by reducing or eliminating manual palletising processes.

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Palletising Lines Overview

Automating palletising processes is a proven way of removing what can be a bottleneck in a production system and accelerating throughputs and increasing profitability.

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Furthermore, automated palletising systems can also save a significant amount of space in comparison to those that employ manual labour and manually-operated loading vehicles, such as a forklift.

Essentially, an automated palletising process delivers on three key points which are essential to sustained business success:

  • It minimises occupational workplace health and safety risks
  • It eliminates manual handling thereby significantly reducing labour costs
  • It increases throughput speed – and does so with precision accuracy

Let’s unpack each of those three points to see how and where money can be saved by automating the palletising process.

Firstly, reduced health and safety issues in the workplace can lead to cost savings because there’s less downtime through injury as well as fewer compensation claims. What’s more, employees who work in a safer work environment are likely to be more motivated and more productive – which in turn can lead to bottom-line benefits. Automating the palletising process would also enable compliance with legislated health and safety standards which is a critical success factor in any workplace environment.

Manual palletising systems are labour-intensive, so it stands to reason that by installing an automatic one which eliminates, or at least minimises, the need for human intervention and manual handling of any items, businesses can realise significant cost-savings.

Manual systems are also time-consuming, whereas an automated solution can run continuously – and at greater speeds – so throughputs can be accelerated and production capacity increased.

Clearly, there are many operational and financial benefits to be had from automated palletising – and with many flexible options on offer, AccuPak customers can select the level of automation that best suits their individual requirements. As one of the leading suppliers of palletising machinery and equipment in Australia, AccuPak offers a range of solutions from robot palletisers, pallet dispensers, pallet conveyer systems and stretch wrappers to full turnkey automated palletising lines.

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