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Pallet Conveyor Systems

Diverseco offers a range of pallet conveyor systems that have the versatility to work in a wide variety of applications.

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Diverseco manufactures a wide range of pallet conveyor systems. While normally supplied as part of an overall palletising system or IBC (intermediate bulk container) filling system, these pallet conveyor systems can readily be supplied as separate components.

Our pallet conveyors are excellent in providing your operations with enhanced product quality preservation; allow flexible configuration for optimising floor space and integration into existing systems; and are optimal for multi-lane palletising operations.

Our pallet conveyor systems are of robust, industrial design and are guaranteed to provide years of reliable service.

Conveyor lengths are assigned as required, are available in multi-section assemblies for pallet accumulation and can be designed for indexing accumulation.

Complete Custom Configuration Potential

At Diverseco, we manufacture our own pallet conveyor systems and as a result we can design, install and commission custom pallet conveyor systems to suit any and all customer site layouts and specific requirements – no configuration is too difficult for our team of bespoke configuration experts.

Birds Eye View Pallet Conveyor Systems