Net Weighers

Diverseco supplies a great range of net weighers for bagging free and semi-free flowing products.

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Designed to manage free and semi-free flowing products with limited operator interaction, our range of net weighers are available with a variety of in-feed options. The machines can fill a variety of open mouth bags to a pre-determined weight with greater speed and accuracy than a gross weigher. They can be used as auger feed, conveyor feed and gravity feed net weighers.

A net bagging machine weighs the product independently to the bag.

The discharge chute is a separate construction to the weigh hopper, which means that as the operator fits a bag to the bottom discharge chute, the product has already commenced filling to the target weight. When the pre-set weight is reached, the controller captures the bag weight and it then discharges the weighed bulk product into the bag.

This produces superior final bag fill accuracy and greater bagging rates per minute than gross bagging machines.

  1. loading phase: the product is metered into the weigh bucket until the scale reaches the programmed target weight. The speed and precision with which target is achieved is determined by dynamic control of the scale weigh stages; high-speed bulk feed, high-accuracy dribble feed.
  2. unloading phase: the feed system stops and the pneumatic shut off gate closes avoiding excess product from falling into the weigh bucket. The doors on the underside of weigh bucket open and let the product fall to the bagging system, and remain open until the bucket is empty. The doors then close, and a new weigh cycle is initiated.

The weigher immediately starts refilling while the bag is being discharged from the bag clamp and a new bag positioned.

This net weigher is totally electronic from the load cells to the weigh indicator, which allows seamless interfacing with on-site computer management systems, if required.


Two Stage Gravity Feed Assembly

This feeder is generally utilised for free-flowing products such as grains, seeds, pellets, etc

Two-Stage Conveyor Feed Assembly

This feeder incorporates a manually adjusted depth gauge to provide an even bed depth. Generally used on semi-free flowing products such as flour mixes, stock-feeds, etc.

Two-Stage Auger Feed Assembly

Used for aerated products that would tend to fluidise and flow through conventional feeding systems. Common products include flours, cements and some refractory mixes.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular designs
  • Simple operation
  • Easy machine access and maintenance
  • Fully electronic loadcell weighing system
  • Fills up to 12 Bags per Minute
  • Bag Weights up to 50kg
  • Compatible with every closing system
  • 99 pre-set product memories
  • Totalised bag count & weight for each memory setting
  • Tolerance Check
  • Two-Stage Filling
  • Stainless steel construction
AccuPak Netweigher Diagram