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Multihead Weighers & Linear Weighers

Multihead Weighers & Linear Weighers2020-06-11T09:04:52+09:30

Accurately weigh your products at high throughput, increasing the productivity of your weighing line whilst improving output quality, particularly for fragile products with Diverseco’s linear and multihead weighers. These machines are designed for operations requiring high efficiency and weighing accuracy and come with either 10 of 14 heads dependent upon your weighing and dosing requirements.

How multihead weighers and linear weighers work?

Multihead weighers and linear weighers accurately weigh specified volumes of product at high speeds.

Product is fed into the multihead or linear weigher, which is then distributed onto feeder plates by either a rotating or vibrating cone. The amplitude of the rotation or vibration can be tailored to suit the characteristics of the product undergoing weighing. The product is delivered into a feed hopper and weighed, before being discharged downstream for further handling, typically into a Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) machine for packaging.

Linear weighers have the weighing heads aligned in either one or two straight rows whereas a multihead weigher has its weighing heads positioned in a circular configuration, comprised of anything from ten to twenty-four weighing heads.

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Radpak are experts in manufacturing turnkey packaging line equipment, and with continual product research and development as their top priority, we are proud to be agents for their marvelous range. Boasting one of the highest quality machinery available in the automated packaging market at affordable prices, Radpak continue to be a foundational aspect of our packaging portfolio.

Features & Benefits

Designed to increase productivity and improve output quality, our multi-head weighers and linear weighers offer:

  • Easy, elegant operation:
  • User-friendly touch screen panel with graphical interface
  • Fully-automated processes
  • Stress-free ICT integration for accurate, timely data collection
  • Staggered dumping that avoids blockages
  • Robust design compliant with the most stringent hygiene protocols:
  • All surfaces in contact with the product are stainless steel
  • All parts enclosed to prevent product build-up
  • Wash-down and dust proof construction
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Tough, long-lasting, durable construction reduces downtime
  • Seamless integration with VFFS machines for optimal throughput
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