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Gross weigher bagging machines are a type of bag filling equipment designed to weigh and bag dry, granular, lumpy, crushed or powdered products into bags up to 50kg.

The system consists of a bag spout that is fully suspended on precision loadcells, bag clamp that holds the bag while filling and a controller that monitors the weighing and flow of product. A gross weigher weighs the bag and its contents to obtain a total weight and has a dedicated weight controller that ensures accuracy is achieved using free fall compensation and two stage fill. As each empty bag is placed over the discharge chute and secured in place, it is tared off before the product can be discharged into the bag. Gross weigher bagging machines use the bag as the weigh bin and suspend the discharge chute as part of the weight that is tarred off before the commencement of the filling process.

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Diverseco Gross Weigher Bagging Machines

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The GB55

Our proven range of gross weigher bagging machines are suitable for bagging most types of products including dry, granular, lumpy, crushed, or powdered products into bags up to 50kg. Gravity, screw, vibratory or conveyor fed, the GB55 is based on digital weighing technology and pneumatic control. Over many installations, the design has proven to be both reliable and accurate.

The GB55 utilises the well-proven “weigh-in-bag” method that has been perfected over many decades. The bag spout is fully suspended on precision loadcells and the dedicated weight contoller ensures that accuracy is achieved using automatic free fall compensation and two stage fill. On-screen reporting of bag count and total weight packed is useful information for Production and Quality Managers.

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