Gross Bagger – GB55

A feature rich weigher suited to bagging most kinds of materials up to 55kg in weight.

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The GB55R Series of Gross Baggers has been designed to incorporate the latest technology to provide a stand-alone manual system or upgraded to incorporate a fully automatic user friendly system which can communicate with higher intelligent control devices.

Free flowing or non free flowing products from 5kg to 50kg can be packed utilising twin load cells to achieve simplicity in design while providing accuracy, reliability and throughput.

Various feeding methods are available depending upon the material characteristics

The discharge chute has been designed to allow a range of spout sizes and types to be connected.

Controls are simple and require no special training to operate yet still provide a wide range of analytical and inventory data.

External devices such as label printers are easily connected directly to the weigh controller negating the need for additional interface.

Machine Structure

The system comprises four parts:

Main Casing

This consists of the infeed chute which houses the main feed chute and also the product flow cut off. Pneumatic rams which provide the fast and dribble feeds are also mounted on the side (gravity model) or a single ram to close the catch gate (auger and conveyor fed models).


Gravity: Two stage gravity infeed with throttle plate. (mounted in the main casing)

Auger: The auger infeed is of the single flight dual speed type with a variable speed drive

Conveyor: A slider bed with a depth gauge dual speed conveyor fitted with a variable speed drive.

Bag Clamp

The bag clamp is supported by two loadcells mounted on either side of the supply head and houses the bag detection sensor.

Control Enclosure

All necessary electrical components are housed in this enclosure, as well as some pneumatic parts.