Auger Fillers

Precision engineered to suit a range of industries and applications, our range of fully-automated, easy-to-use, reliable auger fillers improve filling accuracy, and reduce product aeration and wastage.

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AccuPak Auger Filler MT-EL

Enable consistently precise product flow & eliminate unnecessary powder wastage with Diverseco’s Auger Fillers


Diverseco’s range of auger fillers enables both low and high-speed delivery of products into packaging, with precise weight control, consistent flow rate, and hygienic operation. Precision engineered to suit a range of industries, our fully-automated, easy-to-use, reliable auger fillers improve accuracy, and reduce product aeration and wastage.

How auger fillers work

Auger fillers measure and discharge the required volume of a product (usually a powder or free-flowing solids) into its packaging. The product is stored in a hopper and, during each cycle, the auger (which looks like a large screw) is rotated for a predetermined number of revolutions, discharging the requisite product into an empty valve bag. Filling, weighing and cut-off are all fully automated for the ultimate in operator convenience.

The mouth of a valve bag is much smaller than that of an open mouth bag. This enables better control of the flow of the powdered product into the bag, reducing the dust generated. While valve bags can be self-closing, this does not result in a hermetic seal. We recommend that bags used in the chemical and food industry are ultrasonically sealed after filling.

To compensate for changes in the bulk density of the product, auger fillers are often used in conjunction with weighing instruments, such as a checkweigher.


Changes to tooling enable our superior range of auger fillers to be made suitable for dosing and packaging a wide range of products that range from thick pastes such as bakery mixes to fine powders such as flour to granular products such as sugar.

Features and benefits

Engineered to improve accuracy and reduce waste, our reliable, durable auger fillers offer:

  • Unparalleled ability to control dust generated during filling
  • High speed and throughput for the most demanding of production environments
  • Fully automated filling, weighing and cut-off
  • Tough, long-lasting, durable construction that reduces downtime
  • Effortless maintenance and cleaning
  • User-friendly design ensures easy access for cleaning
  • Clutch and Brake or Servo System drive assembly
  • PLC Controller