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Weighing & Dosing Equipment

Increase the productivity of your weighing and dosing line by accurately and efficiently measuring and dosing product at your quality control points.

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Multihead Weighers & Linear Weighers

Multihead Weigher

Accurately weigh your products at high throughput, increasing the productivity of your weighing line whilst improving output quality, particularly for…

Gross Weighers

AccuPak GB55 Gross Bagger

Gross weigher bagging machines are a type of bag filling equipment designed to weigh and bag dry, granular, lumpy, crushed or powdered products into b…

Net Weighers

AccuPak Netweigher

Diverseco supplies a great range of net weighers for bagging free and semi-free flowing products.

Auger Fillers

Auger Filler MT-EL

Precision engineered to suit a range of industries and applications, our range of fully-automated, easy-to-use, reliable auger fillers improve filling…