Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machines

Proudly one of Australia’s leading solutions providers, with our rich heritage under the BudPak & AccuPak name. 

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VFFS Machines for every application

Whether it be for valve or open mouth bags, or pre-made pouches, we have a perfectly tailored VFFS solution for your operations. We are the authorised Australian agents for the industry-leading Technipes and Radpak brands, and through our extensive systems integration capabilities, we’re proud to be one of Australia’s leading solutions providers. Our specialists will work alongside you to achieve your desired operational goals, from start to finish, ensuring that you are paired up with the perfect solution for your operations.

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Diverseco-installed VFFS & HFFS Machines Installed Throughout Australia
Bags & Packages Formed, Filled, and Sealed Per Day by Diverseco

Our Partner Brands

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional solutions with our range of exceptional brands.

Technipes brand
RadPak brand

Diverseco Supplied VFFS Machines

  • Vertical Form Fill Seal VFFS TECNO TB Product

Tecnipes TECNO Series

Available in two different models, dependent upon your requirements, the TECNO series of VFFS machines from Technipes are high-throughput systems that can process and bag all types of solid products – both powders and grains/granules. The machines themselves are very simple to operate and access, with minimal maintenance required over it’s significant operational lifespan.

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Radpak Rotary VFFS: Premade Pouches

The VFFS Rotary Machine from Radpak is available as an intermittent 6/8/9/10 station to suit your operational needs. The scope of the manufacturing of this machine allows it it to be fitted into any industry area without harming it’s throughput, capacity, or accuracy.

Radpak VFFS Brochure
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  • Essegi VFFS Liquids
  • Essegi VFFS Liquids Literage

Essegi VFFS: Liquid/Liter-based Filling

Ideal for volumetrically packaging dense products, the Essegi range of vertical fill form seal machines can package products from a few grams up to 50kg. Based on specific customer requests and requirements, all of the Essegi range of VFFS machines can be customised with specialty dosing/weighing systems, transport systems and structures in stainless steel or painted to better adapt to the product being packaged.

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What Products are Suitable for a VFFS Machine?

granular products
Granular Products
soil compost bark
Soil, Compost, & Bark
construction products
Construction Products
detergents and chemical products
Detergents & Chemical Products
liquid products
Liquid Products

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