Valve bag filling machines are designed to carefully and efficiently fill valve bags through semi-automatic or fully-automatic operation. Distinct from open mouth bags, valve bags are ideal for dry, bulk solid powders and granular products and as such are designed around optimising the dosing, filling, and packaging of these products. Our range of valve bag filling machines include a selection of dosing and filling methods to ensure that your product is bagged optimally during the filling process with minimal spillage. This is determined by our specialists who will work with you to deliver your operations the perfect custom solution and by our service technicians who provide ongoing remote and personal technical support.

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World Class Valve Bag Filling Machines

For two generations Technipes has been producing and manufacturing authentic and high quality end-of-line packaging systems that have solidified their position as industry leaders in the weighing, bag-filling, and packaging space. Their comprehensive portfolio and capabilities afford customers the capabilities of not only an extensive set of turn-key offerings, but also the ability to custom-design a complete solution specific to customer requirements. These capabilities in addition to our extensive service and system-integration proficiencies mean that your operations are always covered.

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Valve Bag Filling Machines | Semi-Automatic

TECNO Series (Gross)

Technipes’ TECNO series valve bag filling machines are equipped with screw (auger) feeding systems. These versatile systems are ideal for products with dusty or floury characteristics, yet they are also suited to granular or pelletized products. All product feed systems are equipped with dual-phase filling modes (COURSE feed and FINE feed) to ensure precise dosing of product. Dependent upon the product to be bagged, the machine may be equipped with one of the aforementioned feeding/dosing systems. The entire product receiving, feeding/dosing, and filling structure is attached to the weighing system, which stands alone from the rest of the machine.

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OPTIMA Series (Net)

Ideal for net weighing applications containing finished bags between 10 and 50kg, the OPTIMA series net weighing semi-automatic valve bag filling machines are highly sophisticated end-of-line systems that can be customised to fit your specific operational requirements. Ideal for all ISO 22000 certified companies which must guarantee the correct management of hazards in the supply chain, the OPTIMA series of systems undergo strict safety inspections in order to adhere to various compliance measures.

Our specialists will work with you to determine the perfect open mouth bagging machine line for your specific operations. From commissioning, to installation, and all the way to ongoing service and support – our team of experts are here for you.

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About Valve Bag Filling Machines

Valve bag filling machines are designed to accurately weigh, fill, and seal (in so much as it is an assistive process) valve bag types. These systems prevent significant entry of air into the valve bags during the filling process, which results in high-density packaging, minimal product spillage, and minimal dust production. Due to the self-closing nature of valve bags, sealing additions are not required for the system to produce suitable finished packaged products.

Whether your operations require net or gross weighing applications, we have a perfect solution for each application – our specialists work alongside you to understand your operational requirements and commission the suitable solution for you. This extends to the identification of the ideal filling method to suit your product profile – our extensive range of filling options ensure that your product uses the ideal filling mechanism.

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