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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine (VFFS)

Ideal for high-speed packaging, our range of Vertical Form Fill Seal machines increase efficiency, while reducing operating costs and overheads.

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As an agent and systems integrator for some of the world’s leading brands, Diverseco’s fully automated Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) and flow wrapping machines will enable you to attain new capabilities that allow you to increase efficiencies and productivity while reducing costs and WHS risks.

How flow wrappers and VFFS machines work

Horizontal flow wrappers and Vertical Form Fill Seal machines use flexible (usually polyethene or polypropylene plastic) packaging material from a flat roll to create an empty bag shape or wrap around a product. The machines fill the bag/wrap with the product and then seal the bag/wrap.

Once wrapped around a product, the ends of the film are sealed; where the two ends overlap, heat is applied to melt the ends together. The formed (often pillow) bags can then have a label affixed, or a time and date stamp applied, before being cut loose from the film roll and passed downstream for further packaging and handling.

Our range of fully automated, highly flexible horizontal flow wrappers and VFFS filling machines offer extra-ordinarily efficient throughputs of up to 150 complete bags per minute (depending on the bag size, specification, and product flowability).


Our range of horizontal flow wrappers and VFFS machines are ideal for a wide range of product packaging applications, weighing from a few grams such as products packaged in stick packs to large bags and bales up to around 50 kg, for free-flowing products like confectionery, chips, biscuits, pet food & equestrian feed. Our superior range of packing machines are also perfect for difficult to handle materials used in the chemical, mineral, horticulture and agriculture industries.

We can provide you with machinery that can accommodate packaging in a wide range of bag formats, which include: flat bags, bricks, side gusset bags, doypack, zipper, stabilo, euro slot bags, handles, clip, reopen brick bag with sticker/clip etc.

If you’re packing larger configurations, then Diverseco has a range of customisable solutions, all of which can be integrated with multi-head and linear weighers, conveyor systems, metal detection, x-ray product inspection systems, checkweighers, and more.

Features and benefits

Standard features include:

  • Hydraulic lifting of the film reel
  • Reel positioning with auto centering cone system
  • Sensors for detection of reel end
  • Pneumatic assisted clamps for quick reel change
  • Advanced system with continuous unwinding ensures a smoother and more soft unwinding, making the system more tolerant with difficult film reels
  • Motorised film feed
  • Impulse vertical sealing group, hinged to allow easy access to the forming tube during changeovers, and air blowing to cool the seal
  • Horizontal sealing group, driven by a brushless SEW motoreducer, with air blowing to cool both seal sides.
  • Pneumatically operated bag seat with selectable vibrator assembly to assist product settlement in the bag, motorised bag seat adjustment, and automatic locking.
  • Encoder device to control the bag length.
  • Either Allen Bradley or Siemens touch screen, controlling all sealing parameters, the various devices, alarms and diagnostics
  • Film Perforation System, for air removal prior to palletising.
  • Gusset device, to form gussets at the bag top and bottom for a more presentable finished bag.
  • Photocell device to accurately determine the bag length.
  • Carousel to support additional different size forming tubes, allowing changeover by a single
  • One (1) Additional Forming Tube (size to be confirmed). Note the machine is supplied with one (1) tube as standard.

The continuous motion VFFS machine features continuous movement of the film drive unit, with constant warm air vertical sealing and moving horizontal sealing jaws.

The machine is controlled by an advanced electronic system, combined with the advanced mechanical solution allows for an increase in the production capacity, as well as ensuring the packaging quality, machine reliability and ease of operation.

Standard features include:

  • Brushless motor film drive with continuous variable speed, providing maximum speed and seal time
  • Longitudinal sealing by continuous warm air
  • Brushless motor driven sealing jaws.
  • Brushless motor bag support device mounted on a mobile frame.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity