Multihead & Linear Weighers for every application

Accurately weigh your products at high throughput, increasing the productivity of your weighing line whilst improving output quality, particularly for fragile products with Diverseco’s linear and multihead weighers. These machines are designed for operations requiring high efficiency and weighing accuracy and come with between 10 – 24 heads dependent upon your weighing and dosing requirements.

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Multihead Weighers

  • Radpak Multihead weigher

Radpak Multihead Weighers

The Radpak series of Multihead Weighers are renowned as being the industry standard for medium to high-end operations that require not only high throughput and accuracy, but for those that are concerned with contaminant prevention during the weighing, dosing, and filling processes.

Through use of linear vibrating pans at each of the weighing heads, this system is ideal for a wide range of products that are prone to being bottle-necked due to friction-based factors. Additionally, these Multihead Weighers are accurate to 1g of product, ensuring your products weights are consistent across it’s long operational lifespan.

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Linear Weighers

  • BudPak PLAG Linear Front
  • BudPak PLAG Linear

Budpak Linear Weighers

The Budpak series of Linear Weighers are designed for high speed, high accuracy weighing of free flowing and semi-free flowing products. High accuracy weighing is achieved using damped, single-point loadcells operating in conjunction with our provided weighing controller, providing self-tuning and auto-adjustment capabilities. These systems across all variants are accurate to 1.5g.

These Linear Weighers are compatible for use with all retail packing options, including all makes of VFFS, cartoning and tub filling. Manual bagging operations with pre-made bags is also possible.

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