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Liquid Filling Machines

The Diverseco range of liquid fillers are available with a variety of options to handle almost any liquid product. The units are totally electronic, from the load cells to the weighing indicator, which allows seamless interfacing with other computer management systems if required.

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Available Features

  • Fill types:
    • Top fill – generally used for non-foaming products.
    • Bottom fill – used where foaming products may cause problems.
  • Features: container alignment detection
  • Fill method: Two-stage filling with readily available adjustment provides fast, accurate, and reliable weights. The system can also accommodate three-stage filling if the product requires an initial slow fill.
  • Nozzles: These can be supplied for most sizes of containers. Each is fitted with a wiper ring and drip cup preventing container contact with the product if bottom fill is utilised.
  • Pumps: Stainless steel centrifugal pumps as used with appropriate seals.

Weigh/Dosing Controller

The functionality of the fill controller, which conforms with ISO 9001 standards, includes: accurate fill control through fast signal processing, trend-sensing preact adjustment and weight tolerance control; high operational security through extensive monitoring functions and simple operator control; and recording of all data of single or multiple container fills with optional hardcopy printout and data transfer.

The controller controls the filling lance, fill valve and the container movement onto and off the scale, providing maximum throughput. Operator prompting with clearly structured onscreen menus ensures fast and error-free operation and minimum training requirements.

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