The Diverseco range of liquid fillers are available with a variety of options to handle almost any liquid product. We’re ideally positioned through our partnership with IMPAC to handle virtually any liquid filling requirement into any container (bottle, drum, FIBC, etc). With the ability to handle liquid products that are thick, non-homogeneous, containing chips or pulp, or high-temperature products (up to 95°c), we have the perfect solution available for your requirements. Our experts will work alongside you to achieve your desired operational outcomes along every step of your solution journey

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Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

  • IMPAC Liquid Filling Bottles
  • IMPAC Liquid Filling Bottles Showcase

IMPAC Silver – Bottles

The Silver filling and capping machine meets most operational requirements of filling liquid products, in different viscocity levels, such as: syrup, oil, sauce, ketchups, and more. This model is also highly versatile, allowing effective filling of a variety of bottles of different shapes and sizes in accordance with customer requests and requirements.

The advanced filling unit that was specifically designed for the Silver model can adequately deal with both thick and non-homogenous products, including “trickier” products that contain high levels of pulp. Additionally, the filling unit can also sustain products with high temperature requirements of up to 95°c when needed.

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  • IMPAC Liquid Filling Mamba Drums
  • IMPAC Liquid Filling Jerry cans and packing
  • IMPAC Liquid Filling Jerry cans

IMPAC Mamba – Drums & FIBC

The Mamba series is an automatic filling, sealing, and capping machine that is based on a linear pins conveyor. The Mamba series is designed to give the ultimate solution for filling and capping buckets, cups, and other conical packages, including packages with handles.

This filling machine can be used for a wide range of products, from liquids and powders to thick products, and is highly recommended for packaging in most industries, including: food, cosmetic, detergents, and chemicals. The filling system itself is equipped with an anti-dripping unit for clean and aesthetic filling. The machine is by default suitable to work with products of temperatures up to 30°c but can be customised to work with host products of up to 95°c by demand.

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Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

  • IBC Liquid Filler Diverseco

IBC Liquid Fillers  |  Intermediate Bulk Containers

The unit is totally electronic from the load cells to the weigh indicator, which allows seamless interfacing with on-site computer management systems, if required. Available in either single or twin-head filling assemblies. The filler moves in two directions, left to right across the pallet area utilizing spherical type bearings. In/out direction via the top slide arrangement which is fitted with ceramic linear bearings running on a hardened and ground stainless steel shaft. Individual brakes are fitted to lock the moving boom and filling head in any position during or after the filling process. Smaller pack sizes with multiple layers are also accommodated with a boom raise/lower facility to move between the upper and lower container layers. Triclover fittings are used for quick disassembly.

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  • Twin Head Liquid Filler Diverseco

Twin Head Liquid Fillers

The system is designed to fill containers up to 25 litres in a single fill. Standard nozzle diameter is 40mm with options available for smaller sizes. Vertical movement utilises two stainless steel linear bearings running on stainless steel hardened and ground shafts. Adjustable bottle guides permit a large range of containers to be filled.

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