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Source complete end-of-line filling and packaging expertise and equipment from several of the world’s leading manufacturers within the one company.

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End-of-Line Packaging Equipment Overview

As a manufacturer and authorised systems integrator for some of the world’s leading end-of-line packaging equipment manufacturers, Diverseco equips its customers with innovative, user-friendly and thoroughly reliable filling and packaging technologies that meet and exceed their requirements.

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From manually operated, single head bagging machines to fully automated, sophisticated end-of-line bulk and retail filling and packaging and liquid filling lines that can package hundreds of items per minute, Diverseco possesses the capabilities and industry understandings to provide its customer the ideal solution to their needs.

Our expertise and after-sales support services span:

  • Specification, Installation, Start-up & Optimisation of equipment
  • Ongoing Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Rapid Response Repairs – to minimise downtime
  • In-Depth Employee Training

The systems we provide can weigh, dose and package product from a bulk supply by any predetermined value you require, whether that be: volumetric, mass, count or level in a container.

The particular filling and packaging solution we recommend to meet customer requirements will be influenced by factors such as:

  • Product characteristics e.g. viscosity, flowability (free-flowing or not)
  • How easily the product bridges, stickiness, throughput requirements,
  • The measure the products are sold in e.g. by weight, by volume or by count, and
  • Required fill accuracies and fill speeds