Baling Machines for a variety of products

The Essegi range of horizontal and vertical balers are the ideal solution for the packaging of bulky products – through successfully compressing the product and reducing the initial volume, which is then packaged into squared, pressed bales. These systems are both semi-automated: using preformed bags, suitable sized according to the type, weight, and volume of the product; and fully-automated: bags are formed starting from flat film reel. Regardless of your operational requirements, we have a perfectly tailored solution waiting for you.

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Industry Leading Baling Machines by Essegi

For over thirty years, Italy-based Essegi have been a globally successful manufacturer for vertical packaging systems and in particular their baling machines. Their extensive experience has allowed Essegi to retain the designation of an industry world leader in the production of high-tech machines whilst striving to provide targeted and effective industrial packaging solutions with the objective of meeting all packaging & automation needs of every customer.

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Baling Machine Options

  • baling machine essegi 1 to 4kg

Essegi Horizontal Baling Machine: 1-4kg

Designed for lower bale and package sizes, this variation of the automatic horizontal baling machine from Essegi is an exceptional solution for operations looking to package smaller-sized products whilst operating at high throughputs.

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  • baling machine essegi 15 to 20kg

Essegi Horizontal Baling Machine: 15kg-25kg

*Custom solutions can be designed for operations requiring bale weights of up to 50kg. 

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What Products are Suitable for a Baling Machine?

Wood Shavings & Sawdust
Straw, Hay, and Mushroom Compost
Corn Silage
Rock Wool, Fiberglass, and Fibers
Peat and Soil

About our Baling Machines

What are the benefits and characteristics of Baling Machines?

A baling machine production line for fully automatic pressing and packaging, starting with a spool and no longer with prefabricated bags, are the ideal solutions for larger volumes. On account of their specific characteristics, the products processed with our machines are pressed to obtain a reduction to one quarter of their initial volume before packaging, which allows for a considerable reduction to packing and transportation costs and also the space required for storage.

The products most suitable for this type of packaging are: cereals, rags, sawdust, humus, straw, etc. The various models available offer a broad selection of weights and forms ranging from a few kilograms to a maximum of 50kg.

Our baling machines can be supplied with the following weighing and batching system:

  • Electronic of electromechanical balances fed by conveyor or horizontal screw-feed mechanisms.
  • Cut-type of belt-type volumetric batching systems.

The processing section is driven by hydraulic cylinders and is supplied with a hydraulic cylinders and is supplied with a hydraulic power pack with dimensions established in relation to the type of product, the final dimensions of packages and required production speed.

The pressing chamber and all parts which come into contact with the product can be supplied in stainless steel upon request. The packaging machine shapes, fills, seals and cuts bags starting with a thermoplastic (polyethylene) film wound on a spool. With respect to traditional this packaging system allows for an increase in production and a reduction of working costs.

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