Bag Top Formers

Diverseco offers bag top formers which eliminate the need for hand feeding open bags to closing equipment.

Bag Top Formers2019-06-26T20:02:49+09:30

These bag top formers have been designed to eliminate the simple operator task of hand feeding open filled bags to a sewing machine head or heat sealer. The filled bag is typically transferred along a closing conveyor to the sewing head and at this point, presentation to the sewing machine is critical to avoid missed or poor stitching and to avoid costly jam-ups.

In most packing lines, speed is critical so an operator is generally dedicated to simply hold and stretch the top of the bag and feed it into the sewing head. This is a laborious and costly job that carries a risk of injury.

Bag top formers are pneumatically operated and only require minor maintenance over a long period of time. The newly filled bag is transported along the conveyor. The top former, which is located between the filling machine and the sewing head, then utilises two prongs that insert into the top of the open bag. The prongs are then actuated to pull the bag apart evenly in opposite directions whilst in motion with the closing conveyor. The top former holds the bag in this position whilst it is presented to the sewing head before it then retracts and returns to position ready for next bag.

All products are manufactured in Australia using well-known quality brand components to ensure that spare parts are readily available Australia-wide. Service back-up can be provided in all mainland states of Australia, if required.