Bag Heat Sealers

Diverseco is the exclusive agent for impulse sealers, bag sealers and heat sealers from Newlong Industrial.

Bag Heat Sealers2019-06-26T20:02:48+09:30

Newlong Industrial Company Ltd is Japan’s largest manufacturer of quality bagging equipment and has bag sealers to suit every bag sealing application, including heat sealers, craft sealers, automatic heat sealers and endless sealers.

Heat sealers are used for all types of grains and powdery products including rice, animal feed, fertiliser, salt and food. Diverseco supplies many models to cover all types of closures for heavy PE bags or paper bags with inner PE ply.

Many options are available including Teflon or steel band types (depending on the product to be packed), band cooling systems (air or water cooling), trimmers, over-tape units and dust cleaners (not available for some models).