Packaging Machines

Utilising a range of industry leading brands like Technipes, Radpak, and Essegi, we can meet virtually any and all of your filling and packaging needs.

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What Kind of Bags/Containers Are You Wanting to Fill?

  • Valve bag for use in packaging machine
Valve Bags

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  • open mouth bag for use in packaging machine
Open-Mouth Bags

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  • bulk bag fibc for packaging machine use
Bulk Bags/Containers

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  • liquid containers for use in packaging machine
Liquid Containers

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  • pre made pouches for use in packaging machines
Pre-Made Pouches

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  • pre rolled sleeves for packaging machines
Sleeves (To Be Formed)

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  • small bale result from packaging machine
  • large bale result from packaging machine
Baled Packages

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Volumetric Sacks/Bags

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Looking For Ways to Inspect Your Packaged Products?

Metal Detection
Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Metals, & Stainless Steel 
  • Stealth metal detector food with conveyor
  • stealth gravity metal detector

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X-Ray Inspection
Non-Metals such as Plastic, Bone, Glass, etc. 
  • Food xray machine sc-V
  • Food xray machine sc-B

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Detecting Underfill, Overfill & Damaged Products
  • OCS checkweigher ec e
  • OCS checkweigher hc a

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Valve Bag Filling Machines

Semi & full-automatic options ideal for dry, bulk solid powders, and granular products.

Open Mouth Bag Filling Machines

Semi & fully-automatic options ideal for pet food, fertiliser, sugar, grain, rice, chemicals, and mineral products.

Bulk Bag Filling Machines

Bulk Bag Filling Machine Gross Technipes

Semi & fully-automatic options for any kind of powdery or granular product into FIBC bags up to 1500kg.

Baling Machines

baling machine essegi 15 to 20kg

Semi & fully-automatic options for packaging bulky products like sawdust, straw, cellulose, fibers, hemp, soil, etc. into bales.

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machines

Vertical Form Fill Seal VFFS TECNO TB Product

Vertical FFS for all kinds of products into premade pouches, and custom bags/packaging for product weights up to 50kg.

Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid filling

The Diverseco range of liquid fillers are available with a variety of options to handle almost any liquid product.

Auger Fillers

Auger Filler MT-EL

Enabling both low and high-speed delivery of products into packaging, with precise weight control, consistent flow rate, and hygienic operation.

Multihead Weighers & Linear Weighers

Multihead Weigher

Accurately weigh your products at high throughput, increasing the productivity of your weighing line whilst improving output quality, particularly for…

Bag Sewers, Bag Sealing & Bag Closers

Bag heat sealer

A range of products for turning, closing, sewing or heat sealing filled bags coming off on a bagging line.