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Our Brands

Diverseco is the authorised systems integrator for a number of the world’s leading packaging and product inspection equipment manufacturers.

Temperature Scanning

Temperature scan Camera Application Person

SureVis™ temperature scanning helps to create healthy spaces so your organisation and people can thrive.

Packaging Equipment Overview

Access complete packaging, product inspection and palletising expertise through the one company.

Filling & Packaging

Complete Turn-Key Retail Packaging Line

From manually operated, single head bagging machines to fully automated, sophisticated filling and packaging equipment lines that can package hundreds…

Product Inspection

AccuPak Product Inspection Line

Diverseco’s extensive range of food and product inspection equipment will streamline your processes and safeguard consumers and your brand’s r…

Palletising Lines

Robot Palletiser

Increase the speed, efficiency and safety of your palletising system by reducing or eliminating manual palletising processes. Automating palletising p…

Packaging Equipment Professional Services

AccuPak's technical consolutants at work

Diverseco’s business analysts and technical experts will help your company acquire new capabilities using equipment and technologies that will enabl…