Why Servicing Your Packing And Filling Equipment Regularly Is Necessary

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Why Servicing Your Packing And Filling Equipment Regularly Is Necessary

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To get the optimum performance from a car, it needs regular servicing, right?  And is regular servicing of a small car any less important than servicing a larger, more expensive model?  Of course not.

The same principles apply to packing and filling equipment where the need for speed, accuracy and reduced waste has never been more critical.  Whether it’s a manually operated bagging machine or a fully automated custom-designed filling and packaging line, a programme of regular servicing and preventative maintenance will ensure that the equipment continues to meet demanding requirements and that it operates efficiently and effectively.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of regular servicing of your packing and filling equipment.

Optimum operating efficiencies

Generally, weighing, filling, packing and inspection equipment is used on a continuous basis for extended periods of time and even the highest quality equipment is subject to wear and tear.  Any piece of equipment will eventually need repairs or even break down unless it’s properly looked after – so it is imperative to schedule regular service visits to keep it in optimum working order and performing accurately.

Reduced downtime

Unexpected equipment breakdowns and repairs can result in downtime and in operations where time is money, this can end up having a negative impact on the bottom-line.  Preventative maintenance programmes whereby equipment is examined and serviced by skilled, experienced technicians who are able to identify potential problems early on will reduce the likelihood of equipment failure, breakdowns and costly interruptions to production schedules.

Reduced costs

When equipment has been neglected or hasn’t been properly cared for, repairs are generally far more expensive and complicated.  On the other hand, a programme of scheduled servicing which focuses on predicting and preventing problems is far more cost-effective and will save the organisation money over the longer-term.   In addition, service agreements can be very competitively priced and when compared to the cost of repairs and downtime, make sound financial sense.

More convenient

Regular service visits can be arranged for times that are convenient and which will cause the least disruption to production schedules.  Some professional equipment suppliers also offer the added convenience of co-ordinating maintenance visits with other work in the area, thereby using economies of scale to reduce costs to each customer.

With packing and filling equipment, every minute of machinery downtime can mean financial losses.  Regular, preventative maintenance ensures equipment operates efficiently and effectively and fulfils its function optimally.  An added advantage is to have equipment serviced by the equipment suppliers, whose technicians will have first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of the product.

Here at  Diverseco, we are a leading Australian supplier of packing, bagging and palletising machinery and equipment – and we’re not only able to service equipment long after the warranty period has expired, we also have the expertise to service a broad range of brands and models outside of the ones we sell.  To find out more about the benefits of having your packing and filling equipment serviced regularly, contact us now.