Which Weighing System Do I Need When It Comes To Farming?

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Which Weighing System Do I Need When It Comes To Farming?

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Digital technology is becoming increasingly important in the agricultural industry and many farmers have recognised the very valuable role that it plays in helping them to better manage their operations.

One area where technology has been a true business enabler for farmers is in the field of weighing systems such as weighbridges, weighing scales and product inspection equipment, which despite their often rugged and remote locations, consistently produce accurate and precise measurements thanks to their advanced design.

But whilst there’s no doubt that weighing systems have become essential equipment on many farms, choosing the right solution for your particular job needs careful thought and evaluation.  And as with any capital investment, it’s always best to get professional advice to find the most appropriate solution for your particular needs.

As a start however, let’s look at some examples of weighing equipment for the farming and agricultural industry and what roles they fulfil.

  1. Belt weighers

These are also referred to as conveyor scales, weightometers or continuous weighers and are designed to weigh product moving along a conveyor belt such as eggs, grain, vegetables and so on.   These come in a range of sizes to suit all products.

  1. Animal weighing scales

Animal weighing scales are used on farms to weigh all types of animals from pigs to alpacas, sheep and goats, horses to other livestock.  The scales are designed to accurately measure the weight of animals in a secure, stable environment and are manufactured to withstand tough agricultural conditions.  These animal weighing scales are important for measuring livestock performance, like when farmers need to weigh their cows to ensure they are in optimum condition for calving or mating or to weigh their calves to make sure they are putting on the requisite amounts of weight.  These scales are also important for ensuring that livestock is sold at optimum weight grade and that sick animals are identified early on so that appropriate interventions can be made – all of which will save the farmer both time and money.

  1. Weighbridges

The farming industry has long relied on weighbridges to provide accurate measurements of their crop yields, fertilisers, feed ingredients and a range of other inputs and outputs.   Weighing is critical to a farmer’s bottom-line and it is imperative that they know exactly how much crop they have grown and what the yields are, in order to determine accurate payloads and plan for the future.

Weighing solutions take away the guesswork and provide farmers with a powerful tool for optimising land-use.   Accuracy and reliability however, are crucial factors when choosing a weighing system for your farm and you should partner with an experienced supplier of agricultural weighing equipment which has an in-depth understanding of the farming industry.

One such supplier is AccuWeigh, Australia’s leading industrial weighing company, which offers an extensive range of top branded weighing scales and weighbridges as well as our own locally developed equipment.  We understand that weighing equipment is often required in remote locations and has to be durable, robust and highly mobile – and our range of mobile solar, electric or battery-powered equipment has a reputation as the farmers’ favourite.  So if you want to know which weighing system you need when it comes to farming, contact us today.