Weighbridges Commissioned for JJ Richards in Toowoomba

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Weighbridges Commissioned for JJ Richards in Toowoomba

2019-06-13T16:15:22+09:30 23rd September 2014|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland branch recently supplied and commissioned two 28m long, semi-pit weighbridges at JJ Richards facilities at Toowoomba. The 28m weighbridge length suits most common vehicles types such as semi-trailers and B-boubles. Two weighbridges were commissioned at this site to accommodate the high volume of traffic in both directions.

Two 120mm high-visibility weighbridge remote displays were also included for each weighbridge to display the vehicle weight to the driver, as well as a traffic control light to advise when drivers can proceed. Each weighbridges’ primary indicator, housed in the adjoining weighbridge office, connects to a third party weighbridge software system for statistical analysis and invoicing purposes.


AccuWeigh’s weighbridges and weighing systems are often required to interface with third party software, networks or hardware and is often one of the main reasons why clients choose to purchase through AccuWeigh.

AccuWeigh is also able to provide an extensive range of peripherals and equipment designed to complement a weighbridge, such as the galvanised walkways that were supplied to JJ Richards to allow them to comply with workplace health and safety requirements.