Weighbridge System Converted to Operator-Free for Efficiency

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Weighbridge System Converted to Operator-Free for Efficiency

2019-06-13T16:15:17+10:30 21st April 2015|

A growing transport and logistics company based in Naracoorte, South Australia recent engaged AccuWeigh to upgrade their existing weighbridge to enable unmanned operation and data collection. The customer had found the limitations of their existing data collection system and the lack of available support was an ongoing issue.


AccuWeigh have several off-the-shelf weighbridge operating and data collection systems using our Ticket Aid Pro software as the basis and it was the high spec Ticket Aid Pro + weighbridge software that was specified as the best option. The existing weighbridge is used to weigh vehicles on site using the weigh in/weigh out process. By using the swipe cards to identify contract customers, the driver attends the office and completes the transaction and receives a weighbridge ticket to confirm the net mass of his load.

AccuWeigh is an industrial weighing company that specialises in providing automated weighing solutions through the use and integration of weighing equipment and associated peripheral equipment. We have a great range of off-the-shelf solutions ready to go, but we also have the capability of providing custom solutions that exactly match the fit that some customers are looking for.

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