Weighbridge Servicing is Essential for Weighbridge Longevity

>Weighbridge Servicing is Essential for Weighbridge Longevity

Weighbridge Servicing is Essential for Weighbridge Longevity

2019-06-13T16:15:09+09:30 13th June 2016|

AccuWeigh Queensland recently serviced and recalibrated the weighbridge at a sand quarry located at Jacobs Well. Although weighbridges use rugged, electronic load cells that are rated to well in excess of those expected during normal use, weighbridge servicing is essential to top up grease on moving parts and to detect excessive wear in contact plates.

And regular calibration visits also ensure that the weighbridge is weighing well within allowable limits and not resulting in expensive product give-away.

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Many weighing companies offer the calibration visit but very few perform the down and dirty servicing that is essential for weighbridge longevity. As a company, we have often come across weighbridges which have previously been “serviced” by other companies, only to find that the load cells are inadequately greased and show no signs of regular servicing for many years.

This is unfortunate for the customer as they had been led to believe that their weighbridge was being serviced with every visit. The reality is that a cheap weighbridge service often means that the customer gets what they pay for.

AccuWeigh is a genuine weighing company that provides a genuine and high-quality weighbridge service and calibration using experienced and well-trained service technicians. Learn more about how a weighbridge can be serviced at http://diverseco.com.au/service/weighbridge-servicing.php.