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Weighbridge Relocation

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Bardavcol, an Adelaide based civil engineering company, recently engaged AccuWeigh to re-install an older weighbridge to a new site for use by Renewal SA. The location, near Port Adelaide, is used as a processing site for contaminated soils. The weighbridge is being used to accurately record product coming into and going out from the site.

The 26 metre long weighbridge needed a new foundation but the original loadcells, and control instrument contained in an AccuWeigh Driver Control Station, were in good condition and suitable for re-use.

Relocating an existing weighbridge, although not as large an economical saving as many assume, can often be a viable alternative to constructing a new weighbridge.

AccuWeigh has relocated many weighbridges in its time. If you need a weighbridge relocated, AccuWeigh can definitely help. Why not visit our Weighbridge Relocation page and call our nearest branch to obtain a quotation?

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