Weighbridge Relocation for Bundaberg Sand Mine

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Weighbridge Relocation for Bundaberg Sand Mine

2019-06-13T16:15:18+10:30 6th March 2015|

A highly productive, 416 hectare sand mine, located in Bundaberg, recently commissioned weighbridge supplier, AccuWeigh to relocate its existing 20m long weighbridge to a new location on their mine site.


The weighbridge is used to weigh pure white sand from the upper and lower levels of the site for stock piling. The sand consists of about 99.8% silicon dioxide, with traces of aluminium oxide and iron oxide, and is used for swimming pool pebbles, foundry sand, filter sand and specialised dried sand.

AccuWeigh performed the relocation of the 20m weighbridge by craning from the old position facing east-west, to the new position facing north-south using an 80 tonne capacity crane. The weighbridge was dismantled into two deck modules weighing around 20 tonne each and positioned to sit on wooden blocks on the new slab before fitting the new load cells. It was then reconnected and levelled to suit the new end walls.

AccuWeigh then did a refit of the old load cells removing the old load cells and installing the new AccuCell 30t capacity load cells.

This involved grouting new base plates in pockets aligning with the old load cell locations. After grouting in the new base plates and letting it cure. The weighbridge was placed on the new Accucell 30t load cells, wired up and the weighbridge was ready for recalibration and verification.

AccuWeigh has much experience in relocating existing weighbridges, which is often a less expensive option to purchasing a new weighbridge.