Weigh Price Labeller Used by Retail Baker

>Weigh Price Labeller Used by Retail Baker

Weigh Price Labeller Used by Retail Baker

2019-06-13T16:15:15+09:30 28th July 2015|

A CAS model CL 5000J-CR weigh price labeller printing scale was recently sold to a baker by AccuWeigh’s Victorian branch. The weighing and ticketing scale is a modern and ergonomically pleasing retail scale ideal for many retail and commercial businesses that sell or package their product by weight.


Some features of the retail scale include:

  • Available Maximum Capacities: 6kg, 15kg or 30kg
  • NMI Trade-Approved (Certificate No. 6/4D/366)
  • Printing Speed; 100mm/Second
  • AC Power
  • VFD Display or LCD Available
  • Standard Memory Can Hold Up to 3,000 PLUs
  • Almost Every Conventional Barcode Type is Supported

For more information about our range of weigh price labellers, contact your nearest branch.