Weigh Hoppers Calibrated for Macadamia Processor at Ballina

>Weigh Hoppers Calibrated for Macadamia Processor at Ballina

Weigh Hoppers Calibrated for Macadamia Processor at Ballina

2019-06-13T16:15:22+09:30 24th September 2014|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland branch recently made a test and calibration visit to MWT Foods, a macadamia processor, in Ballina, northern New South Wales. MWT Foods has several weigh hoppers on site, ranging from 2t capacity to 10t capacity.

AccuWeigh used its weighbridge test rig unit, which carries certified test masses ranging from 500kg blocks to 2t blocks, to perform the calibration testing. As some of the weigh hoppers are used to buy raw materials and sell processed products, they were certified for trade use by AccuWeigh’s fully-trained service technician, to ensure MWT Foods meets its legal obligations for weighing.


AccuWeigh is able to service a wide range of customers in non-metropolitan areas across this big country of ours and is one of the few weighing companies that possess fully compliant weighbridge test rig units to certify for trade use high-capacity weighing devices, such as these weigh hoppers. Some of our competitors do have certified test masses but not the test rig to transport them, instead relying on the availability of transport companies to transport their test masses from site to site.

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