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Weigh-As-You-Load Solutions for the Mining Industry

2019-06-13T16:15:03+10:30 20th August 2017|

Accurate and reliable payload measurement plays a vital role across many different areas of the mining industry. AccuOnboard, Australia’s leading supplier of onboard vehicle weighing systems and onboard truck scales, are pleased to offer convenient weigh-as-you-load solutions which offer great benefits to the Mining Industry.

From exploration to waste handling, the acquisition of accurate weight data is critical when it comes to operating efficiencies, workplace safety, regulatory compliance, revenue-raising and profitability.

Onboard vehicle weighing systems such as hydraulic loader scales, excavator scales, material handling scales and tipper scales are ideal solutions for the demanding conditions of the mining, quarrying and aggregate industries.

These onboard weighing systems are versatile, can be seamlessly installed on many different types of vehicle and load-bearing equipment used in the mining industry, and can providing precise and reliable weight data despite constant use in rugged environments.

These weigh-as-you-load solutions come in many different designs to suit the different application requirements and weighing operations. Over the years, technological advancements and design improvements to many of the systems have transformed the payload management process enabling excellent functionality, greater efficiencies, enhanced accuracy, ease-of-operation and versatile connectivity.

Here are three examples of onboard weighing equipment typically used in the mining industry:

Onboard weighing systems for forklifts and end-loaders

Typically, these are hydraulic-based and come in a variety of designs suitable for loading and lifting vehicles such as compact wheeled loaders, telescopic handlers, forklifts, skidsteer type loaders and tractor loaders.

By measuring hydraulic pressure in the lift cycle, these forklift scales give a weight reading of each bucket load and the total material loaded. They are designed for optimum performance in tough conditions and enable accurate record-keeping, traceability, faster turnaround times and improved productivity.

If required, legal -for-trade versions are also available.

Bulk weighing systems

In the mining industry where bulk transport operations take place in extreme off-road conditions (eg the transportation of aggregates or waste), durability and accuracy are prerequisites of any onboard weighing system.

Systems that use heavy-duty chassis-mounted load cells, waterproofed to marine quality standards are the ideal weighing solution and can be used on bulk tippers, rigid trucks, semi-trailers and drawbar vehicles. Different systems have different functions, which may include things like a tipper stability programme that alerts the driver to conditions that may be unsafe such as uneven load distribution or uneven ground, an alarm system that alerts the driver if the body is still raised when the truck is moving, automatic recalibration when trailers are swapped and axle weight display.

If you’re interested in learning more about how onboard truck scales and weighing systems play a vital role in enhancing any mining operation, talk to AccuOnboard. We set the industry benchmark with their wide range of advanced onboard weight indicators and you can find out more by calling us today.