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Vehicle Weighing Accessories & Software

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All the aforementioned, weighing devices can be connected to accessories and fully programmable weighing terminals that come complete with custom weighing functionality, data management capabilities and process controls that streamline the management of vehicle weighing operations. Today, most of this software can be easily configured and ranges from out-of-the-box entry-level packages for small sites, right through to bespoke, multisite software solutions.
This ease and flexibility of data management and transfer allows for maximum use of the collected data. This enables organisations to take control of mass management processes and incorporate this data into their safety management system, by automatically:

  • providing truck classification information.
  • comparing the measured axle weights with pre-entered legal maximum limits.
  • signalling the operator of any over load breaches.
  • recording (in tamper-proof memory) any overload breaches.
  • providing a date stamped paper ticket record of all axle group weights and the total vehicle gross weight.
  • recording all transactions, and operating alarms, boom gates, sliding gates, warning sirens, and flashing lights to warn/prevent overloaded vehicles from leaving the site, and more.

Furthermore, the IT enablers can provide users a wealth of information that informs decision making process, and includes data such as:

  • Number of vehicles processed through a site each day
  • Volume (on an hourly, daily or weekly basis)
  • Vehicle turnaround time and revenue (by customer and sector)
  • Product types and weights
  • Profitability and resourcing
  • Customer history reports for compliance reporting purposes

Designed to increase operational performance and profits, vehicle weighing terminals and software, as supplied by the AccuWeigh, AccuOnboard and Ultrahawke, offers:

  • A complete suite of detailed, accurate, configurable reports and data
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Simple set-up and wireless integration with: a range of other equipment; softwareprograms, such as ERPs and accounting programs; and devices, such as electronicidentification systems and cameras.