Urgent Weighbridge Repair Performed in Queensland

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Urgent Weighbridge Repair Performed in Queensland

2019-06-13T16:15:09+10:30 27th June 2016|

A Coal Mine near Jondaryan in Southern Queensland recently suffered a serious weighbridge breakdown. In an industry where time is money, any weighbridge downtime represented significant revenue loss. AccuWeigh’s Queensland branch was urgently asked to effect repairs.

Despite inclement weather conditions, AccuWeigh responded immediately and found several faulty load cells. The customer made the decision to have all weighbridge load cells replaced with the more modern AccuCell load cell. Repairs were made and the weighbridge retested to capacity to get this customer back in operation in the least amount of time.

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AccuWeigh is a major weighing company in Australia with fully-staffed service departments able to respond to urgent and serious breakdowns to weighing equipment. Whether it is a weighbridge or simple warehouse scale, AccuWeigh understands that downtime means lost money for many of our customers.

AccuWeigh can also provide regular servicing to minimise breakdowns or provide weighbridge upgrades to ensure only the latest load cells and equipment are used. Visit our http://diverseco.com.au/service/weighbridge-repairs-upgrades.php page to learn more.