Upgrade for Aging Port Adelaide Weighbridge

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Upgrade for Aging Port Adelaide Weighbridge

2019-06-13T16:15:10+10:30 25th May 2016|

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AccuWeigh’s Port Adelaide branch has recently completed an upgrade to a weighbridge for a fertiliser distributor at their Port Adelaide facility. The weighbridge failed testing as the load cells were very old and worn, the wear causing various corner and performance errors which could not be corrected by other means.

AccuWeigh removed the original load cells and refitted the load cells and specially manufactured adaptors using the current technology AccuCell 30 tonne Digital Loadcells and a new AccuWeigh IT3000M Digital Indicator. The weighbridge was then calibrated and re-verified to the Trade Measurement standard.

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Because AccuWeigh has been in the weighbridge business for many decades, we are seeing more and more weighbridges reach the 20 to 30 year age and require complete overhauls of load cells and digital indicators to bring them back to operational health. Modern digital weight indicators also provide opportunities for that earlier model indicators did not allow, such as interconnectivity and programmability.

AccuWeigh often provides special pricing to customers that consider overhauling their weighbridge with modern load cells and equipment, as an incentive to modernise. Why not contact our nearest branch to see just how special our pricing is?