Transport Company Expands in to Darwin

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Transport Company Expands in to Darwin

2019-06-13T16:15:17+09:30 12th April 2015|

Expansion into Darwin for a South Australian based transport and logistics company has seen AccuWeigh provide another solution for their Chain of Responsibility needs. Having supplied a similar system previously to another of their facilities in South Australia, the customer again engaged AccuWeigh as they are very happy with the performance of the product and the performance of AccuWeigh. The effective and simple solution was supplied, using our Australian made 4mt x 3mt axle weigher to specifically weigh individual axle groups which are then summed together to a vehicle total by the intelligent weighing indicator.


Something as simple as a 4 metre long axle weigher can often be turned into a complete weighing solution thanks to the intelligence and programmability of AccuWeigh’s IT9000E weighing terminal. AccuWeigh has written several software applications for the weighing terminal, but an axle capturing application was specifically used for this customer.

Additional optional devices, such as weighbridge remote displays, traffic lights for weighbridges, boom gates, software applications and network connectivity can also be supplied to further enhance a weighing solution and to meet all Chain of Responsibility needs.

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