Top Five Advantages Of A Wheel Wash System

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Top Five Advantages Of A Wheel Wash System

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Wheel wash systems aren’t only for organisations involved in heavy duty industries like building, construction, mining or quarrying.  Any business that operates a fleet of vehicles can benefit from the many advantages that a cost-effective and environmentally friendly wheel wash system can provide.

Here are the top five advantages of such a system.

  1. Ensures legislative compliance

A wheel wash system ensures that trucks and other vehicles don’t contravene any rules regarding track-out of sediment or other prohibited materials from industrial or agricultural sites onto public roads.  A quality wheel wash system is a totally effective way of ensuring that dirt, mud, grime, seeds, weeds, pests or any other pollutants don’t leave sites and enter public roadways or waterways where they could cause significant damage and result in financial penalties.

  1. Environmentally friendly

The aim of a wheel washing system is to reduce sediment associated with construction or other industries from impacting on roads as well as on the environment.  One significant advantage of certain wheel washing systems is that they make very effective use of recycled water and also safely remove damaging particles from entering waterways – both of which are key factors in protecting the environment.

Many systems also have low energy requirements which can contribute to an organisation’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

  1. Cost effective, practical and easy to maintain

Wheel washing systems are cost-effective, practical and affordable and there are many different solutions available to suit a wide range of different requirements.    Many systems are also engineered to be simple yet highly effective and allow for easy maintenance, even in remote locations.

  1. Flexible

Another significant benefit of a wheel washing system is that they are flexible and versatile.

The system can be as portable as you require and as simple or advanced as necessary.  There are plenty of options which are designed specifically to be moved quickly and easily between locations and which don’t require expensive civil works to be operational.  These are ideal for short-term contracts or for situations when the duration of the project is uncertain.

Systems can be manual or automatic and can be designed to suit different types of vehicles in any fleet from trucks, vans and articulated trucks to oversize mine vehicles and vehicles of irregular lengths.  Some suppliers also hire out wheel washing equipment depending on their customers’ needs.

  1. Protects your investment

A wheel washing system is an excellent way of protecting your organisation’s assets.  By ensuring that the vehicle’s wheels and chassis are free from clogged mud, grime, dust or other contaminants, it’s firstly easier to inspect the vehicle for potential problems and secondly it prevents paintwork, hub caps and wheels from damage.

By cleaning a vehicle’s wheels and under body prior to any maintenance work or service, you’ll also be able to cut down the time required for the job, thereby saving money.  You’ll also be able to get the vehicles back into service quicker, thereby boosting productivity.

For more information on these and other benefits of wheel washing systems, you can contact one of Australia’s leading suppliers of product inspection equipment, weighbridges, truck weighing scales and wheel washing systems, AccuWeigh.  We have an established reputation for quality, service and technical excellence and offer a wide variety of wheel washing systems – including custom-designed turnkey solutions.  Read our Wheel Wash Systems FAQs here, or contact your closest branch to discuss your requirements.