Superior Replacement Pallet Scale Required for SA Hay Manufacturer

>Superior Replacement Pallet Scale Required for SA Hay Manufacturer

Superior Replacement Pallet Scale Required for SA Hay Manufacturer

2019-06-13T16:15:08+09:30 12th October 2016|

AccuWeigh’s SA office was recently asked by a hay manufacturer near the Yorke Peninsula to repair a cheap imported pallet scale that had been supplied by another weighing company.

We understand that cheap pallet scales are often sold to uninformed customers by our competitors because they represent a quick and easy sale.

However, the quality of the instruments is extremely poor and they are also very easily damaged. In fact, many of the imports often arrive in Australia bent from standard handling during transit journey, a result of their low quality of steel and fabrication techniques.

After inspecting the pallet scale, Accuweigh found that two of the four load cells were irreparably damaged and that it was more economical to replace the pallet scale with a superior AccuWeigh model. This represented a better long-term investment.

To further benefit the customer, AccuWeigh supplied the replacement pallet scale with a digital weight indicator that is capable of weight accumulation and totalising. This can be very beneficial when weighing several individual items destined for the one location or customer. The indicator is also connected to a docket printer which enables the hay manufacturer to provide a printed record to their customer.

While our solution wasn’t what we would consider to be an advanced weighing system, these added features can enhance the way companies perform weighing transactions, while streamlining their processes and maximising their productivity.

At AccuWeigh, we enjoy supplying weighing solutions that make the customers day-to-day activities easier and more effective. We achieve this by thinking beyond the weighing process itself to discover new opportunities and benefits.

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